The Health Professionals Mentor Program is a program within HMP3 that has the goal of bringing UCSD undergraduates and clinical health professionals together in a mentor-mentee relationship. The purpose of this program is to give pre-health students the opportunity to speak to health professionals of their occupation of interest and learn more about what it is like to have that career. This allows students to become more knowledgeable about the particular area of specialty that they are pursuing and gives students opportunities for shadowing positions. After their mentorship, students should feel more prepared for their pursuit in their post graduate careers. Mentor and student applications can be filled out on hpmp.ucsd.edu. Once a mentor-mentee match has been made, it is the student's responsibility to initiate contact and begin what should be a fruitful mentorship!

Finally, a very big thank you to all our wonderful mentors who are eager and willing to tell students what their career is all about! If you have any questions regarding the HPMP program, contact hmp3hpmp@ucsd.com

Healthcare Opportunities Prepartion and Empowerment (HOPE)

The Health Opportunities Preparation & Empowerment (HOPE) is a student organization specifically targeting underrepresented minority, first-generation, and/or financially disadvantaged UCSD students. It is also open to any student that is dedicated to promoting health care within underserved communities. The mission is to host events to help these populations become more aware of the pathway to admission into the various fields of healthcare, and to provide a support system throughout this journey.

HOPE has established a variety of events and programs to help advance this mission, including the unique, interactive Cadaver Lab held quarterly at Miramar College. In addition, the program Project: Success provides free tutoring, and represents the idea of “students helping students” in action.

HOPE also hosted the first annual Medical Education for Diverse Students (MEDS) Conference in January 2013. This all-day program was sponsored in partnership with the UCSD School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy. Overall, the goal was to encourage underrepresented students to pursue a career in health care, and educate the participants about the opportunities available to them at UCSD.

If you are interested in receiving more information or becoming involved, please email hope.tritons@gmail.com . Thank you!

Health Outreach Program (HOP)

The Health Outreach Program (HOP) is a student organization that aims to counsel the underrepresented minority, first-generation, and/or financially disadvantaged high school students on their paths towards careers in healthcare. Originally known as the Future Health Professionals Mentorship Program (FHMP), the Health Outreach Program is a branch of UC San Diego's Health and Medical Professions Preparation Program (HMP3) focusing on the High School population. We aim to provide them with informational and interactive pre-health resources, which includes educating them about different careers in healthcare and equipping them with necessary skills (ie. public speaking, time-management, etc.) that will help them achieve their goals.

The organization is open to any student dedicated to promoting healthcare within underserved communities. Our pilot high school was the Preuss School, but we are currently in the process of expanding our work to include other high schools serving the target population. Our work consists of having detailed presentations, enthusiastic speakers, informative panels, and useful hands-on activities to engage the students in topics to be discussed. Through our efforts, we also hope to build a close-knit relationship between high school students and undergraduates at the UC San Diego, fostering a learning environment where high school students can freely ask questions and learn about how they can pursue a career in healthcare.

If you are interested in receiving more information or volunteering with HOP, please email us at hop.hmp3@gmail.com. Be sure to also follow our social media pages below. Thank you!

Facebook: fb.me/hmp3hop (HMP3's Health Outreach Program, HOP)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hop.hmp3/ (@hop.hmp3)
Linktree: linktr.ee/hmp3hop

Peer Mentor Program (PMP)

The HMP3 Peer Mentor Program is designed to help pre-health undergraduates navigate life at UCSD as a pre-health student both academically and socially. By fostering meaningful, long-lasting relationships between different levels of the student body, the goal of the program is to ultimately increase the number of UCSD pre-health majors admitted into their desired health professional school. The student Mentors and Mentees are paired based upon their major and desired health profession. Through this process, the Mentees are able to gain valuable insight into the pre-health career track. These benefits include learning where to find resources specific to their major, differences between professors prior to registering for courses, important deadlines for applications, and any other additional facts the Mentor wishes he/she would have known before applying to health professional school.

Meanwhile, Mentors acquire experience and training in leadership, community service, and admission requirements through a variety of presentations and activities with practicing professionals; graduating Mentors will also receive a cord to recognize their efforts in giving back to their fellow peers during their time serving as a Mentor. All in all, the Peer Mentor Program is an innovative and unique opportunity at UCSD, and is a wonderful way to prepare for life as a future health professional. Feel free to direct any further comments, questions, or inquiries to hmp3pmp@gmail.com


The Service Committee acts as a readily accessible resource for all students interested in community service and involvement. We accomplish this by collaborating with various service-related UCSD-based organizations, promote social outreach, and provide opportunities for students to get involved on/off campus.

Please contact Nishad Maggirwar at nmaggirw@ucsd.edu or Reina Obeid at robeid@ucsd.edu if you want to know more about Service and the opportunities offered by this org under HMP3.

Med Talks

MedTalks is a program that hosts speaker panels and Ted talk events that focus on the diverse experiences on the path of pursuing a pre-health career. We reach out to a variety of people, from health professionals who have been working in the medical field for decades to seniors and alumni who are still pursuing their pre-health path. In our events, we hope to highlight mental health experiences that our speakers have faced on their journey, how they overcame these obstacles, and what advice they have for those who are just taking their first few steps. Through these events we also hope to create lasting connections between students and health professionals to open up more opportunities for undergraduates.

We are going to have a casual couch chat on October 14 at 6:00 P.M., come and talk with us!


HMP3 Program plans many of the core activities for the organization, all of which have a common goal of exposing pre-health students to the healthcare field through knowledge or opportunities. We help students reach their professional goals in health through a wide variety of events, including our annual Pre-Health Fair, which concentrates over 30 student-organizations in one place at one time to allow a convenient snapshot into the pre-health extracurricular options available for UCSD students. Our other events, based on availability, revolve around workshops, guest speakers, and mixers, featuring everyone from medical school applicants to physicians and deans, and everyone in between.

Everyone is welcome to attend Program events around campus-- look out for our advertisements on flyers and on Facebook. If you're interested in helping us plan these events, consider joining Program during Fall quarter every year! For any questions, please reach out to us at hmp3program@gmail.com

MEDS Conference

MEDS (Medical Education for Diverse Students) is an all-day conference for pre-med, pre-pharmacy, pre-health students at UCSD and neighboring community colleges.

Maybe you aren’t sure about whether you want to pursue a medical or pharmacy career, or maybe you've dreamed about being a doctor for years. At MEDS, students will learn all the basics, and new stuff, too!

The conference is specifically designed to close the disparities seen in both medical education and health care. The health care system needs professionals from diverse backgrounds, who can identify with an even more diverse group of patients.

But most importantly, MEDS exists to serve students — to encourage, educate, and empower students on their road to a career in health.

During the conference, there will be workshops on all components of the application process — testing, writing personal statements, interviews, and more. On top of that, the UCSD Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy have invited conference attendees to participate in hands-on workshops in the brand-new patient simulation labs, just like first-year medical and pharmacy students.

Regardless of your level of preparation for applying, MEDS hopes to equip students with foundational and essential information needed to successfully apply to medical or pharmacy schools. And we hope to have some fun doing so.