Peer Mentor Program (PMP)

The HMP3 Peer Mentor Program is designed to help pre-health undergraduates navigate life at UCSD as a pre-health student, and to increase the number of UCSD pre-health majors admitted into their desired health professional school. The student Mentors and Mentees are paired based upon their major and desired health profession. Through this process the Mentees are able to gain valuable insight into the pre-health career track. These benefits include learning where to find resources specific to their major, differences between professors prior to registering for courses, important deadlines for applications, and any other additional facts the Mentor wishes he/she would have known before applying to health professional school.

In addition, Mentors acquire experience and training in leadership, community service, and admission requirements through a variety of presentations and activities with practicing professionals. Peer Mentor Program is an innovative and unique opportunity at UCSD, and is a wonderful way to prepare for life as a health professional. Also to contact us, email