Health Professions Mentor Program (HPMP)

The Health Professionals Mentor Program is a program within HMP3 that has the goal of bringing UCSD undergraduates and clinical health professionals together in a mentor-mentee relationship. The purpose of this program is to give pre-health students the opportunity to speak to health professionals of their occupation of interest and learn more about what it is like to have that career. This allows students to become more knowledgeable about the particular area of specialty that they are pursuing and gives students opportunities for shadowing positions. After their mentorship, students should feel more prepared for their pursuit in their post graduate careers. Mentor and student applications can be filled out on Once a mentor-mentee match has been made, it is the student's responsibility to initiate contact and begin what should be a fruitful mentorship!

Finally, a very big thank you to all our wonderful mentors who are eager and willing to tell students what their career is all about! If you have any questions regarding the HPMP program, contact