Important note from Adele at HMP3 and Health Beat:


So sorry!  I fatally crashed the old system from overuse and it cannot be used again!  Here’s what will happen from now on: 


·         We will create a Health Beat listserv to take its place.  More about that to come.


·         You will need to check the Health Beat Events Calendar from now on to access details about upcoming HMP3, Health Beat and other student org events. 


·         We will send out a mechanism shortly for getting your own student org events added to the calendar. 


·         I will be sending out timely announcements through the new listserv that will highlight Health Beat and HMP3 events, as well as provide the helpful information that has made the HMP3 Weekly Email so popular over the years. 


It is the end of an era—but with great new possibilities on the horizon! 


1.       Check the Health Beat website for the Events Calendar, the Advising Calendar and instructions for signing up for the CCR (Co-Curricular Record):

2.       The HMP3 Mega-Auction bidding closes Friday, May 5 at 4:00 pm!  Bid on 4 MCAT test prep courses:  2 Kaplan & 2 Princeton Review.  This is a SILENT AUCTION and bidding will take place by email—one bid per course (for a maximum of 4 bids).  Bidding will start at $1,500 per course.  Just write back to me at with your bids. *If you have placed the top 2 bids for a course, I will give you the course for the lower of your two bids.   

3.        FREE TUTORING! GET READY FOR MIDTERMS! Project Success sponsored by HMP3 HOPE:

LOCATION: Undocumented Student Services: 5th floor of Student Services Suite 518


10:00 AM


11:00 AM


12:00 PM

CHEM 6 A-C, BICD 100

1:00 PM

CHEM6 A-C, 140A; BILD 1; BICD 100; BIPN 140

3:00 PM


5:00 PM



10:00 AM

BILD 1-2, Math 10A-C, Chem 6B

11:00 AM

BICD 100, BICD 110, BIBC 100, BIBC 102, BIPN 100, BIMM 124, BILD 1, Scientific Literacy (reading scientific papers)

1:00 PM

Chem 6A-C, Chem 140A&B

2:00 PM

BIMM 100, BIMM 101, BIBC 103

3:00 PM

Chem 140A and Genetics


11:00 AM

Chem 6A/B/C, CHEM 140A/B, BICD 100

12:00 PM

Math 11

1:00 PM



11:00 AM

CHEM 140A, BICD 100

4:00 PM


5:00 PM

BICD110, BICD136, BIMM100


10:00 AM

CHEM 6A, Statistics

11:00 AM



4.       HEALTH BEAT & HMP3 EVENTS FOR WEEK 4 (check the Health Beat website for details)


Tuesday, April 25             Come to drop-ins with all 3 advisors from 1:00-3:00 pm—we will be photographed “in action” for an article in “This Week at UC San Diego”.  Come for advice and you might just get famous!

Tuesday, April 25             Personal Statement Writing Workshop #1: Telling Your Story, 5:15-7:00 pm in the Horizon Room, Career Center. This is your chance to find out how to write an excellent personal statement for the health professions!

Thursday, April 27           Personal Statement Writing Workshop #1: Telling Your Story (repeat), same time-same place-same topic

Thursday, April 27           HMP3 Student Board Mixer, 7:00-10 pm in Mandeville Suite (top floor of Tioga Hall).  Come find out how you can get picked for the amazing HMP3 Student Board for 2017/2018 and become a leader on campus!

Friday, April 28                 Genetic Counseling Info Session, 1:00-2:00 pm in Round Room, Career Center.  Learn about this fascinating field from a successful UCSD alum!          

Friday,  April 28                 Speed Dating with Dentists, 6:00-8:00 pm in the PC Forum.  Meet lots of different dental specialists in a round table format and ask all your questions!


5.       OTHER PRE-HEALTH ORG EVENTS FOR WEEK 4 (check the Health Beat website for details)


Monday, April 24             AED Health Symposium

Tuesday, April 25             Insight Pre-Optometry Club GBM

Wednesday, April 26     American Medical Student Association (AMSA) General Body Meeting #2

Thursday, April 27           Pre-Pharmacy Society Health Professionals Mixer

Thursday, April 27           Pre-SOMA GBM #1



·        Project Happiness empowers a dynamic and dedicated corps of UCSD student volunteers to bring programming- recreational (arts), educational (tutoring and mentoring) and social service (health & dental counseling)- to families of children affected with medical challenges in the San Diego area. Volunteers will selflessly donate their time to create and deliver program materials. Our volunteers will help relieve the anxiety of these afflicted families through a context of fun and play and help foster a spirit of courage to confront challenges that lie ahead. Project Happiness volunteers will spread happiness by restoring a sense of normalcy to the pediatric healthcare environment."  The link to our club's membership application is:

·        For the thousands of people diagnosed every year with life-threatening blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, a cure exists. Be The Match marrow registry works every day to provide life-saving transplants to patients worldwide. We are currently looking for volunteers and/or donors! If you are interested in either volunteering with a local drive in early May and/or volunteering with us at Comic Con in June please email for further inquiries. Thank you!

7.       HOPE ANNOUNCEMENTS  ***HOPE stands for Healthcare Opportunities Preparation & Empowerment, and is intended to help underrepresented minority and/or first-generation, and/or financially disadvantaged students.  It is also open to any student who is dedicated to providing health care for the underserved***

·        Victor Contreras is a UCSD alum who is currently a first-year medical student at Stanford.  He got 9 acceptances in the 2015-2016 application cycle, and he wants to help you be successful, too!  He wrote to tell me that he would especially like to help out students coming from underrepresented minority groups or disadvantaged backgrounds.  Please feel free to write to Victor at  He’s waiting for you and looking forward to helping you! 

·        FREE ONLINE DIVERSITY FAIR FEATURING 45+ SCHOOLS AND PROGRAMS!  Happening April 25—read more about it and sign up here: Virtual Fair on April 25.docx

That’s it for Week Four!  Once we get our new listserv up and running the emails you get will look a lot better than this, and will have more substance.  Thank you for your patience during this transition, and be sure to sign up for the listerv when it becomes available!  Yours~  Adele









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