A jam-packed next couple of weeks!  Scan this email so you don’t miss out! 



1.   Dates & times for Week Two of *GROUP Advising Workshop: Med School Application Prep (NEW) 
Description: Are you applying to medical school this cycle? We will cover the timeline and help get you organized. We'll cover the basics of the MSAR and school selection, Letters of Evaluation, Personal Statement, and more. Join us at any time as this workshop will repeat every 30 minutes or so.

Monday, April 10  1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Tuesday, April 11  10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Thursday, April 13  9:00 am – 11:00 am



2.   The HMP3 Review Course Scholarship application is now available!  Kaplan and the Princeton Review offer 50% scholarships for their test prep courses to HMP3 members.  Courses include:  MCAT, PCAT, DAT, OAT & GRE.  The deadline to apply is Monday, April 17 at 4:30 pm.  Awards will be based primarily on need, hardship, first generation status, with some consideration given to GPA.  Good luck! Turn in your application to the front desk of the Career Center.

***There are 5 Kaplan and 4 Princeton Review scholarships to be awarded on April 24th***



3.  The HMP3 MEGA-AUCTION will open for bidding on April 17—offering chances to bid on 4 MCAT test prep courses:  2 Kaplan & 2 Princeton Review.  This is a SILENT AUCTION and bidding will take place by email—one bid per course (for a maximum of 4 bids).  Bidding will start at $1,500 per course.  Just write back to me at with your bids.  Note from Adele:  This is HMP3’s main fundraiser of the year, and helps to support all of the amazing programs we provide for you throughout the school year.  If you’re planning to buy a course anyway, why not support HMP3 by getting your course through us and save yourself hundreds of dollars at the same time?  It would mean a lot to us!   

4.  PROJECT SUCCESS IS RECRUITING TUTORS FOR SPRING QUARTER!  TUTORING BEGINS WEEK 3!  Are you interested in gaining experience as a tutor? Do you want to help your fellow tritons excel? Project Success is opening up applications for YOU to become a tutor during spring quarter! All you have to do is fill out this short application by April 13th! Application: 



5.  INTRODUCING:  our NEW Health Beat calendar, where you can quickly check to see what programs are being offered by Health Beat, HMP3 and pre-health student orgs on campus in real time!

Coming soon:  your org will be able to submit your events to go on the calendar, too! 



6.  We have officially launched the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)!  For the first time ever you can now become Pre-Health Certified and have it validated on your co-curricular transcript, which accompanies your academic transcript. To begin the process please complete these 3 simple steps:


Step 1: Enroll in + select CCR + select Program Tracking + click Enroll

Step 2: Click on Portfolium link + log in with UCSD email + click bell in top right corner once + read each entry for instructions on what to do for the assignments

Step 3: Download Pre-Health Certified Packet and forms from

Also, be on the lookout for this icon for pre-health/career development workshops that will be approved for the 10 required workshops:



Don’t fret, there are many workshops to choose from for this first cycle of validations if you are a graduating senior or junior applying in this cycle. It’s totally doable to complete the workshop requirement by the time you graduate.


Check out these links for a list of workshops:


Career Development:  Click on “Career Exploration and Development”

Pre-Health: Click on “Events Calendar”


Health Beat advisors will verify your CCR during 9th week during an individual appointment with you.  ***Only juniors who are applying this year and seniors who are graduating in June will be verified during this cycle*** 

Email if you have any additional questions about the program.




There are no appointments for Week Two because Health Beat is offering GROUP ADVISING for this years’ applicants during the first two weeks!  There are plenty of drop-ins, though!  Here is the full advising schedule for this quarter:

Week 2:                                                                                                              

*GROUP Advising Workshop: Med School Application Prep (NEW) 
Description: Are you applying to medical school this cycle? We will cover timeline and help get you organized. We'll cover the basics of the MSAR and school selection, Letters of Evaluation, Personal Statement, and more. Come any time as this workshop will repeat every 30 minutes or so.

Monday, April 10  1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Tuesday, April 11  10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Thursday, April 13  9:00 am – 11:00 am


Regular Drop-in Advising will be available for Week Two (no appointments):  ***Check calendar for specific dates/times***

Weeks 3-8: Drop-ins for all students AND appointments for Juniors & Seniors

Week 9: Pre-Health Certified/Co-Curricular Record approvals ONLY (by appointment)—NO ADVISING

Week 10: Drop-ins for all students AND appointments for Juniors & Seniors

Week 11: NO ADVISING during Finals Week

There are actually 4 ways to get advising from Health Beat! 

*By Email:  Write to with your QUICK questions and an advisor will respond ASAP.

*Peer Advising with the Health Career Peer Educators:  Walk in to the Career Center M-F from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm to meet one-on-one with one of our trained CPEPers—Kayla, Stacey, Anahi or Desiree.  An excellent way to get your basic questions answered, and to connect with a knowledgeable peer. 

*Walk-in Advising:  15 minute, one-on-one visits with one of our Health Beat team of pre-health advisors.  ***The Walk-in Advising Schedule is continually updated in real time—find our weekly drop-in hours at under the “Advising” tab.***

*30 minute individual appointments:  Sign in to Port Triton to check for availability.  Appointments can only be scheduled 3 days in advance.  These appointments are generally reserved for Juniors and Seniors, and students who are in the application process.

*Specialization:  All three Health Beat Team advisors are excellent resources for MD & DO advising.  Jessica also specializes in Physician Assistant & Nurse Practitioner, Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy and Pharmacy.  Jered also specializes in Dentistry, Optometry & Veterinary Medicine.  Adele has been doing all of these for so long, she will continue to advise for them all—and can also help with other, lesser known fields as well. 




Mon. April 10  Apply to be a CAPS Wellness Peer Educator!  6-7pm at the Revelle Formal Lounge (next to 64 Degrees dining hall).  Are you interested in mental health, education, and spreading wellness on campus?  Representatives from the Wellness Peer Education Program will be present to answer your questions.  There will be FREE FOOD!  See you there!  * The CAPS Wellness Peers Educators are a small group of students who receive training from psychologists on a wide variety of health and wellness-related topics, and provide workshops and outreach to UCSD students.
The deadline to submit an application for the Wellness Peer Educator 2017-18 program is Friday, April 14th at 12pm NOON.  Applications can be found online at:


Mon. April 10  Insight Pre-Optometry: New England College of Optometry Presentation,

7pm – 9pm in the SSC Conf. Room 300 (map).  Providing one of the nation's first eye clinic, NECO has been in the forefront of defining the role of an optometrist. Paul Mills, a representative from NECO, will be coming to give a presentation about their optometry program and the exciting opportunities that they offer. Come out!



Tues. April 11  PRE-SOMA: Pre-med 101 w/ Jessica  5:00pm – 6:30pm in the Governance Chamber, PC 4th floor (map).  At this event co-hosted by Transfer Students for Health and Pre-SOMA, our awesome Health Beat advisor, Jessica Kongthong, will talk about everything you need to know as a pre-medical student. She will answer questions from pre-med students about the application process, pre-requisites, choosing medical schools, and more. There will also be a live Q&A session so you can get your questions answered! If you have been planning to schedule appointments with the advisors or have questions regarding becoming a doctor, come to this informative and interactive 101 event! We are positive that this event will be helpful, and we are excited to meet you! *FREE PIZZA and DRINKS provided!


Wed. April 12  MedICamp Info Session, 7 PM in the Green Table Room in Sun God Lounge located at Price Center (above the movie theatre).  Would you like to gain clinical experience abroad? Shadow during live surgeries? This past December, MedICamp sent 10 students to India for these reasons, and we are pleased to announce that we will be spending part of Summer 2018 in India! If you are interested in international medical staff and patient interaction and global health, come and join us for an info session on how to help out and become part of the fundraising and traveling team! There are a limited number of spots, and it is crucial to attend the first few meetings if you are interested in going on the trip. Pizza will be provided! For any questions or concerns, please contact us at"


Wed. April 12  Project Nicaragua Spring Qtr GBM #18:00-9:00 pm in Center Hall 207.  Want to learn how you can go abroad to Nicaragua to shadow neurosurgeons, learn about Nicaragua’s health care system and experience the culture? Come check out our GBM!  We will be talking about the upcoming summer trip and ways you can get involved in Project Nicaragua! Hope to see you there :)


Wed. April 12  American Medical Student Association (AMSA) General Body Meeting #18:00pm – 9:30pm in WLH 2205 (map).  Have free pizza and prizes and learn about our organization and upcoming events. Our guest speakers are our organization advisor Dr. Robert Resnik and Grace Miller! Grace will inform us about the UCSD post baccalaureate premedical program. Dr. Resnik is board certified in Obstetrics/Gynecology and also in Maternal & Fetal Medicine. Membership is $15 for the rest of the year which gives you access to all of our events as well as this year’s t-shirt. We will also be selling membership discount card for $5. In addition, we will be hosting a practice MCAT on May 20th. Please join our Facebook group: and follow us on Instagram:@ucsdamsa .

Contact Maritza J Martinez for any questions and to confirm the location of the GBM.


Thurs. April 13  HMP3: Alumni Workshop  6pm – 7pm in the PC West Bear Room (map). Here is an amazing opportunity to talk to former fellow UCSD students who got into prestigious Medical Schools and Post-Baccalaureate programs! They have gone through the stressful turmoil and would love to share some of their wisdom. There will be FREE subway cookies and chips. The speakers are as follows: 

*Elianna Dowe - Finishing her post-bac at UCSD and applying for the fall 2018 class.

*Jerry Yang - will be attending the University of Colorado Denver Medical School after his gap year.

*Athena Hsu - will be attending UCSD School of Medicine straight out of UCSD.

*Sarah Min - will be attending John Hopkins to do a 1 year post-bac master's program. 



Thurs. April 13  The San Diego County Office of the Medical Coroner!  Pre-Dental Society presents—Dr. Anthony Cardoza, DDS, San Diego County Office of Medical Coroner & GBM.  Topics: Dr. Cardoza will be speaking about bite mark analysis, identifications, mass disasters, homicide cases, and the basics of forensic dentistry. We will also have the opportunity to go to the coroner’s office to observe autopsies and see how missing people are identified from their dental records. Rock Bottom to follow!  Where/When: UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy, PSB Rooms 2 & 3, 6:30pm


Thurs. April 13  Insight Pre-Optometry: University of Houston College of Optometry Presentation, 7pm – 9pm in the SSC Conf. Room 300 (map).  The University of Houston College of Optometry admits approximately 100 students annually. In addition to its four-year O.D. program, UHCO now offers an exciting new opportunity: a combined O.D./M.S. program available for enrolled optometry students! Come out to learn more from UHCO representative, Lyle Tate!


Thurs. April 13  Pre-SOMA GBM 1, 8pm-9pm, location to be announced.  For those of you who are interested in Osteopathic Medicine, Pre-SOMA (Student Osteopathic Medical Association) is a rather new group you can join.  We are aiming to reach out to more people, share resources, and build lasting connections! We have a lot to offer this quarter, including community service projects, DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Med) and DO student panels, volunteer opportunities, and more! Come to our GBM 1 to learn about upcoming events (sign up for them too!), how you can participate and benefit, and LEADERSHIP positions.  Leadership application will be available at the GBM, so make sure you attend if you are interested in becoming a principle member of Pre-SOMA. RSVP on Facebook recommended.

If you have not heard much about Pre-SOMA or Osteopathic Medicine, come to learn about DOs and the awesome and unique things they do as physicians! Most of the board members have tons of experiences with DOs and knowledge to share :)


To find out the location, contact us at  Follow us for updates on fb at: Pre-SOMA @ UCSD




Mon. April 17   Kaplan Presents: Writing a Compelling Personal Statement for the Health Professions   3-4pm in the Career Center Horizon Room

Mon. April 17  Ross University Medical School presentation, 4:30 pm in the Student Center B Large Conference Room (2nd floor)—corner of Gilman Drive and Mandeville Lane.  Did you know that 99% (638 out of 644) 2014-2015 Ross graduates who passed their USMLE exams on the first attempt attained a residency by April 2016?  This is a viable way to get to become an M.D. in the United States!  Come for snacks and to hear more about it! .Flyer: U 4.17.17.pdf

Mon. April 17  Take a GAP Year Panel, 5:30pm – 7:00pm in the Career Center Horizon Room (map).  Thinking about a gap year before medical/health professional school? Learn from UC San Diego alumni, including a Resident Physician! Panel Details: Gap Year Organizations share information about their specific organization Moderator: Alumni Speakers: Kristian Castro (AmeriCorps), Brittan Trozzi (JET Programme), Brian Midkiff (Peace Corps), Arthi Balu (Teach for America). 

Mon. April 17  Mock MMI (Multi-Mini Interview) PART I: PREPARE  Important!  Time change:  6:00-8:00 pm in the Price Center Forum (4th floor).  Featuring the terrific Dr. Andre Pinesett (voted the favorite workshop of the 2017 MEDS conference!)—sponsored by HMP3. 

Mon. April 17  UQ Ochsner Medical School is having a Los Angeles Information Session: Meet the Residents.  UQ Ochsner Medical School Graduates who begin Residency this summer will speak about their experiences in medical school and answer questions.  7:00 pm - 8:30 pm at the University of Southern California Davidson Conference Center, The Vineyard Room, 3409 South Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90007.  RSVP:  ***2 years in Australia + 2 years in New Orleans = M.D. in the U.S.A.!  Did you know that UCSD is their top feeder school?


Tues. April 18  Health Professional Panel I: Optometry, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary, sponsored by Health Beat!   5:30-7pm in the Career Center Horizon Room.  FEATURING 4-YEAR DEGREE PROGRAMS.  Flyer: I.jpg 


Wed. April 19  Health Professional School Fair, sponsored by Health Beat!  11am-2pm in the Price Center West Ballroom.  Check out this list of all the schools that are coming, listed BY FIELD: Health Fair participants by field.pdf (copy this link into your browser)


Wed. April 19  Spring Quarterly Conversations in Global Health- Climate Change & Health – Local & Global Perspective  3:00 pm in the Great Hall, hosted by the Global Health Program, Students for Global Health. Global Health Institute, Office of Sustainability and the Global Forum.  An interdisciplinary panel will discuss the topic of Climate Change & Health. Opening reception begins at 3pm where students can meet with community organizations doing work in the field to find out how to get involved. Panelist include Dr. Isabel Rivera-Collazo of Anthropology/SIO, Dr. Gordon McCord of GPS and Dr. Ramanathan of SIO.  For more details and to RSVP visit:


Wed. April 19  Mock MMI (Multi-Mini Interview) PART 11: PRACTICE  3:00-4:30pm (after the Health Professional School Fair) in the Price Center East Ballroom East, hosted by Health Beat.  First-come, first-served. We'll provide instructions, sample questions, and feedback prompts.  This is a full-on practice session! 

Wed. April 19  Biomedical Ethics Seminar:  David Shaw, MD, will discuss the medical, social, and ethical effects of the methamphetamine epidemic in the US.  4:30 - 6 pm in the Medical Teaching Facility (MTF) 175 at UCSD School of Medicine.  Light refreshments served.  Open to the UCSD community and interested others.

Thurs. April 20  Health Professional Panel II: Public Health, Nursing, Physician's Assistant, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, sponsored by Health Beat!  5:30-7pm in the Career Center Horizon Room.  FEATURING 2-3 YEAR DEGREE PROGRAMS. Flyer: II.jpg 



Thurs. April 20  The San Diego PA Society will be hosting a workshop for students looking to apply to PA school this upcoming application period  7:00-9:00 pm at Sharp Grossmont Hospital  FREE!  Contact Kenneth VanDerBeck PA-C for exact location and to answer any other questions:  The workshop is intended to help those students who will be applying to PA schools.   Topics to be discussed include:

* Navigating CASPA * School choices * Personal Statements * Letters of recommendation * How to be the strongest candidate possible


Sat. April 22  PUSH’s 4th Annual Health Summit  8:00am-3:30pm in Center Hall,  PUSH's health summit is a pre-health conference aimed to empower minority pre-health students during a day-long program consisting of a variety of health professionals speaking, networking, and leading interactive workshops. There will be a chance for direct interaction with medical students, a veterinary student, military doctor, dentist, and neurologist throughout the day.  For more info: Register on our Facebook page:  FLYER WITH CONFERENCE DETAILS: conference.2017.docx.  

Sat. April 22  HMP3 SERVICE presents:  An EARTH DAY PROJECT!  San Diego Audubon Society for Conservation,  9AM-12PM.  Check-in location at the boat dock at South Shores in Mission Bay Park.

We will be attending the 15th Annual Creek to Bay event, where we help clean the environment. Get ready to spend your Earth day in the sun with some snacks! Sign-ups will be opened soon.  Flyer:


Sat. April 22  Exploring Careers in Life Science Industries, 10am-3pm in Bonner hall.  To Register:  Did you know increasing number of physicians are breaking into Biotechnology?  Early exposure to this field can contribute your long term success as a healthcare professional and is an excellent option for gap year employment. Learn about the field from UC San Diego Biological Sciences' alumni, who will highlight various biotech career paths for students who have a strong foundation in life sciences, especially biological sciences. Learn how to become a competitive job applicant once you graduate from UC San Diego! After the breakout sessions, attendees will enjoy an interactive networking lunch with professionals and find out what it takes to succeed in a biotech company.  Flyer: Careers in Life Science Industries.pdf.  *THIS EVENT WILL COUNT AS A CAREER DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP FOR THE CCR 



Sun. April 23  Medical School Application Bootcamp ONLINE CLASS (3:00-4:30PM)  It's crucial to fill out your medical school application the right way. Get an overview of the application and the sections that most students struggle with. If you're applying to medical school this June, attend this event to: Avoid common mistakes in completing the application, Know what to say in your most meaningful essays and how to distinguish these essays from your personal statement, Learn the most effective way to describe the activities you need to list to get in, Read samples from previous students (both good and bad) to understand how to tackle each portion of the application.

Presenter: Passport Admissions, Rob Humbracht * Limited Seats * Price: $25 / First Class FREERSVP at






Tues. April 25  Personal Statement Part I: Telling Your Story  5:15pm – 7:00pm in the Career Center Horizon Room (map).  Learn more about how to tell your story in the personal statement. This workshop is intended for students applying to HEALTH PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS.

Thurs. April 27  
Personal Statement Part I: Telling Your Story  5:15pm – 7:00pm in the Career Center Horizon Room (map).  Learn more about how to tell your story in the personal statement. This workshop is intended for students applying to HEALTH PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS. This is the same repeated workshop from 4.25.17.


Thurs. April 27  HMP3 Board Member Mixer!  Find out how YOU can become a member of the amazing HMP3 Student Board!  (details coming soom)


Fri. April 28  Genetic Counseling Info Session with UCSD Alum Sara Mokhtary  1:00-2:00 pm in the Career Center Round Room.  Do you want to work in Healthcare and enjoy working with people? Consider a career in Genetic Counseling, a rapidly growing field which has a higher than average projected growth. Genetic Counselors assess individual or family risk for a variety of inherited conditions, such as genetic disorders and birth defects. They provide information and support to other healthcare providers, or to individuals and families concerned with the risk of inherited conditions. Learn about this exciting field from UCSD alum Sara Mokhtary who currently works as a Genetic Counselor.


Fri. April 28  Speed Dating with Dental Specialties  6pm – 8pm in the PC Forum (4th floor) (map).  Come by and gain insight on all the different dental specialties by talking to dentists from all over San Diego! This will be a great opportunity to understand what dentistry is all about and is also a great networking opportunity! Maybe even get a job position and/or letter of recommendation from them? It will be a fast paced event and there will be FREE Panda Express served, so come by and hang out!





1.  LOOKING FOR A WAY TO MAKE YOUR APPLICATION STAND OUT AND PROVE YOUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS?  JOIN CALPIRG!  Not all of your co-curricular activities have to be medically based.  In fact, one way to stand out is to make a difference in a different arena!  CALPIRG is working to push for 100% Renewable energy on campus, ban fracking in the state of California, save the bees, and make voting more accessible - if you want change, now, more than ever, is the time to make it!  Want to get involved? Come to our Spring Quarter GBM on Monday 4/10 in the Price Center Governance Chamber at 7pm! RSVP today!  Click here to learn about other meetings and volunteer opportunities!

2.  PROJECT HAPPINESS empowers a dynamic and dedicated corps of UCSD student volunteers to bring programming- recreational (arts), educational (tutoring and mentoring) and social service (health & dental counseling)- to families of children affected with medical challenges in the San Diego area. Volunteers will selflessly donate their time to create and deliver program materials. Our volunteers will help relieve the anxiety of these afflicted families through a context of fun and play and help foster a spirit of courage to confront challenges that lie ahead. Project Happiness volunteers will spread happiness by restoring a sense of normalcy to the pediatric healthcare environment.  The link to our club's membership application is :



3.  HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO WORK WITH UCSD MEDICAL STUDENTS TO PUT ON A CONFERENCE THIS FALL?  My name is Gabrielle Cahill. I am a former UCSD pre-med student and a current MS1 at the UCSD School of Medicine. I am the new student leader of the Making Medicine Equal conference, a yearly event held in mid-October that aims to raise awareness of health disparities and how to combat them. We also plan to discuss the topic of diversity in medicine.


I am reaching out to you in the hopes that some of the students in the HMP3 program would be interested in helping plan/put on the conference. I think it could be a wonderful experience -- to learn not only how to plan a large event but also about the many health disparities they will be fighting to extinguish as future health professionals. 


The undergraduate students would be able to take on roles according to their interests and time commitment. They are welcome to help just with logistics, but, if interested, could also help with setting the theme for the conference and finding speakers. (In the past these have included San Diego public health officers, congresspeople, and a wide range of health professionals.) They would have the opportunity to work directly with medical students, School of Medicine faculty/staff, other doctors helping with the planning process, and of course, the speakers.


In addition, all HMP3 members are more than welcome to attend the conference in October!  Write to Gabrielle to express your interest at


4.  INTERESTED IN FORENSIC MEDICINE?  DON’T WANT TO GO TO MEDICAL SCHOOL, THOUGH?   To become a medical examiner, you must first go to medical school, then do a residency in pathology (4 years), followed by a forensic pathology fellowship (1-2 years).  But if you want to work in this field without going to medical school, you can complete a Master’s program in forensic chemistry or another related track. Here's the link to the professional group for this option:




1.  Apply to be a CAPS Wellness Peer Educator!  Are you interested in mental health, education, and spreading wellness on campus? The CAPS Wellness Peers Educators are a small group of students who receive training from psychologists on a wide variety of health and wellness-related topics, and provide workshops and outreach to UCSD students.
The deadline to submit an application for the Wellness Peer Educator 2017-18 program is Friday, April 14th at 12pm NOON.  Applications can be found online at:

You can also find out more about our program by attending the “Peer Info” Session on Monday, April 10th, from 6-7pm at the Revelle Formal Lounge (next to 64 Degrees dining hall). Representatives from the Wellness Peer Education Program will be present to answer your questions.  There will be FREE FOOD!  See you there!






1.  Why study Bioethics and Medical Humanities?  How will studying Bioethics help you achieve your career goals? Welcome to the MA in Bioethics Program at Case Western Reserve University! 

Join Prof. Mark Aulisio PhD, Chairman of The Department of Bioethics at Case Western Reserve Reserve University School of Medicine, for an online presentation and question and answer session on how the study of Bioethics can help you to achieve your career goals. The 1 year Master's in Bioethics program encourages international bioethical dialogue through research collaborations, training programs, and institutional partnerships. We also give you the opportunity to gain clinical experience, earn a dual degree, or even study abroad.


April 12 Bioethics Online Session at 3:00 pm PST.  RSVP Here  * Learn more at:


2.  The application cycle is open for the Fall 2017 entry into the Campbell University Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MSBS) program.  The MSBS program allows students to work towards a degree while strengthening their academic record and provides insight and experience in the biomedical sciences.  Upon successful completion of the MSBS program, students will be more competitive for admission to health professional programs. 


The competitive MSBS program applicant will have a minimum science and overall GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale), we pay special attention to the last 120 credit hours.  Applicants must complete the following coursework prior to matriculation:  ONE YEAR EACH of Biological Sciences * Physical Chemistry * Organic Chemistry * Physics * English with a grade of C or better in each course. 


The MSBS program evaluates all applicants holistically and considers their entire record including experiences beyond the classroom reflecting leadership ability and an aptitude for working with others.  If you have any questions about the program or the application process please contact us or 910-893-7689.  Additional information about the MSBS program, including supplemental application materials and link to the MSBS application can be viewed here:  ROLLING ADMISSIONS * APPLY EARLY!






1.  The AMCAS application opens on May 2!  You can start filling it out then, but you can only submit it in June or after.  Here are 10 tips from AMCAS to help you prepare for it: 


2.  The 2017-2018 AACOMAS application cycle will open for submissions on May 4, 2017.  On that day you will be able to create an account, submit, and pay for the 2017-2018 application cycle. Re-applicants from the previous application cycle will also be able to roll over limited application information, submit, and pay. The verification and processing by AACOMAS will begin as soon as an application is received. This verification/processing time can take 2-3 weeks. Participating colleges of osteopathic medicine will begin reviewing and processing applications on or after June 15.






1.  The San Diego PA Society will be hosting a workshop for students looking to apply to PA school this upcoming application period.  The workshop is intended to help those students who will be applying to PA schools.  

WhenApril 20th, Thursday 7-9pm  Where: Sharp Grossmont Hospital  Fee:  Free  Contact: Kenneth VanDerBeck PA-C

Topics to be discussed include:

-Navigating CASPA

-School choices

-Personal Statements

-Letters of recommendation

-How to be the strongest candidate possible

Follow us on Twitter!
Like us on Facebook!

2.  WANT TO BECOME A P.A.?  In an ideal world, you’d be able to visit every PA school you are interested in. You would see the campus, chat with faculty, and get your questions answered.  Well, we have the next best thing: virtual fairs. Not familiar with virtual fairs? They’re a way to connect with programs right from your computer or phone.

 You can visit each program’s “room” and have direct access to faculty and staff. Learn more about programs, get application tips, and find out about admission requirements. You’ll also have access to a CASPA representative so you can get details about the application process. The best part? It’s FREE!

 This year’s P.A. virtual fair will be held on April 19–20.  Register Now  Have questions? Email us at




***HOPE stands for Healthcare Opportunities Preparation & Empowerment, and is intended to help underrepresented minority and/or first-generation, and/or financially disadvantaged students.  It is also open to any student who is dedicated to providing health care for the underserved***

1.  YOU ARE INVITED TO HAVE DINNER WITH MEDICAL STUDENTS ON APRIL 13TH AT 7:00 PM!  There is a group of medical students who have taken it as their responsibility to reach out to, develop relationships with and help our HOPE and MAPSmembers!  To get to know everyone and start to benefit from their friendship and advice, please come to a lovely dinner planned for you and the med students on Thursday, April 13 in the Leichtag lobby.  Here is your SPECIAL INVITATION: AC DINNER INVITATION.docx. 


2.  FREE ONLINE DIVERSITY FAIR FEATURING 45+ SCHOOLS AND PROGRAMS!  Happening April 25—read more about it and sign up here: Virtual Fair on April 25.docx


3.  UCLA Re-Application Program (UCLA RAP)

The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA offers a comprehensive, structured re-application program designed to assist students from disadvantaged backgrounds who have been unsuccessful in gaining admission to any U.S medical school. RAP is an 11-month program that is conducted in two sessions.  The summer session will be June 19 to July 21 and the academic year session will run from August through May. UCLA RAP is a member of the University of California Postbaccalaureate Consortium. Visit for the online application and information about other UC postbacc programs.  Application open now!  Closes May 8



Such an exciting quarter already—with much more to come in May!  Yours~  Adele