HMP3 Email Blast!  Some with urgent deadlines!  10.9.15


Note from Adele:  This is an AMAZING organization of some of the best people I have encountered from colleges around San Diego and wonderful professionals, too.   


1.       Interested in doctor shadowing, public health, engineering, business, and traveling abroad? Come apply to International Health Collective!  Deadline to apply is TOMORROW!


International Health Collective (IHC) is a nonprofit, student-run organization that aims to solve health disparities in Eastern Tijuana and San Diego communities. International Health Collective, or IHC, takes on this issue through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach. Holding the firm belief that it takes a wide lens and a diverse skill set to examine and alleviate root causes to health issues, IHC members originate from different backgrounds and fields of expertise. Specifically, IHC consists of undergraduate students (medical, engineering, humanities etc.), Medical and Pharmacy graduate students, health professionals, and community members. All who are accepted into IHC will have the opportunity to learn from one another and increase collaborative solutions to our world’s pressing health and community issues. Members will work towards disentangling the complex relationship between structural barriers and health disparity on a global scale.


Website:  Flyer:


Applications are due by Saturday October 10th by midnight, so apply soon!


Note from Adele:  HMP3 offers several mentorship programs.  Two of them have current openings—PMP needs more mentors to sign up and HPMP needs sub-committee members.  Read more:

2.       HMP3 Peer Mentor Program (PMP) is in need of mentors! Mentors are preferably third or fourth years who have experience with research as well as leadership positions. Second years who feel experienced enough may also apply to be mentors. 

Benefits of becoming a mentor for the Peer Mentor Program include receiving a cord when graduating and confirmation/vouching from our advisor Adele when putting it down on an application. Most importantly, mentors are able impart their wisdom onto underclassmen who want to pursue a career in the medical and health field. 

Mentors and mentees are not randomly paired up. There is a process where interests, majors, career goals, and many others are taken into consideration so that mentors and mentees are suited for one another. 

Peer Mentor Application:


3.       HMP3 HEALTH PROFESSIONS MENTOR PROGRAM (HPMP):  The program is aimed at students in search of career guidance and shadowing experience. We introduce undergraduates at UCSD under the mentorship of health professionals, allowing mentees to gain invaluable advice on their desired future occupations.


We are seeking out enthusiastic, devoted individuals to join our Health Professions Mentor Program subcommittee. The responsibilities of these officers include: traveling in the San Diego community to present at different health professional associations, recruiting health professionals to assist as mentors to HMP3 students, and facilitating the mentor-mentee relationships. If you are interested in our subcommittee, please apply here:


Subcommittee applications will be due on October 18th at 11:59PM!


4.       CNS (Collaboration for Neuroscience):  First GBM TONIGHT (Friday, 10/9) from 5-6pm in the Neural Circuits Behavior building- Marilyn G Farquhar room. Our mission statement/philosophy is to encourage and involve our members in a holistic application of undergraduate neuroscience. Members will have the opportunity to listen to keynote speakers, explore undergraduate research, gain exposure by attending lab tours and improving the San Diego community through neuro-focused academic outreach and local volunteering. 

In line with our philosophy is making Neuroscience accessible to the public by highlighting and sharing the experiences of inspirational Neuroscientists.  The link to the website is: