HMP3 Email Blast!  Full of amazing stuff!  10.22.15


1.     Guess how many applications I’ve received for the HMP3 Review Course Scholarship?  ZERO!  That makes your odds of winning one pretty great, doesn’t it?  The deadline is this coming Monday—hope to see your application in the basket when I come to work next Tuesday! 

The HMP3 Review Course Scholarship application is now available!  Kaplan and the Princeton Review offer 50% scholarships for their test prep courses to HMP3 members.  Courses include:  MCAT, PCAT, DAT, OAT & GRE.  The deadline to apply is Monday, Oct. 26 at 4:30 pm.  Awards will be based primarily on need, hardship, first generation status, with some consideration given to GPA.  Good luck!





Mentors are preferably third or fourth years, but second years who feel experienced enough may also apply to be mentors.


Benefits of becoming a mentor for the Peer Mentor Program include receiving a cord when graduating and confirmation/vouch from our advisor Adele when putting it down on an application. Most importantly, mentors are able impart their wisdom onto underclassmen who want to pursue a career in the medical and health field which is rewarding and these mentorship skills are desired by health professional schools.


Mentors and mentees are not randomly paired up. There is a process where interests, majors, career goals, and many others are taken into consideration so that mentors and mentees are suited for one another.


Mentor Application:



3.     Friday, October 23-- HFIT (Health Frontiers in Tijuana) presents:  Dr. Craig Hendrix, Johns Hopkins Medical School, Careers in Medicine Talk, 4:00-5:00 pm in the Skaggs School of Pharmacy, room 1186. 


Please join us for this unique talk where Dr. Hendrix will share information about career paths in medicine, highlighting from his experiences in military medicine, leading clinical trials, and

conducting drug development research.


Dr. Hendrix is trained in internal medicine and infectious diseases; he is a world-renowned leader in clinical pharmacology. His research focuses on HIV antiretroviral development. Dr. Hendrix previously served in the US Air Force as an Aerospace Physiologist and physician. Dr. Hendrix has a long history of mentoring students of all levels.  Please RSVP to Dr. Victoria Ojeda at:


Pizza & drinks will be provided! 




4.     Saturday, October 24-- FREE Kaplan Practice MCAT @ UCSD! 


Kaplan is hosting a FREE MCAT Practice Test on campus @ UCSD in Center Hall 105 on Sat, Oct 24th at 10am! At the event, you'll learn what to expect on the MCAT, plus you'll receive a detailed score report, complete explanations to every question, and strategies for improvement! A practice MCAT is the best place to start on your journey to medical school! Register now at MCAT Free Practice Test


5.     Registration for the new MCAT exam is now open! Students can now register for the January-May exam dates.  Registration for the June-September exam dates will open in February 2016.



6.     PreMed Advising by Medical Students and Emily Loui!  Monday, Nov 2nd from 1pm-3pm, Medical Education and Telemedicine Building


Would you like a 1 on 1 advising session with a medical student?? A group of medical students have volunteered to host office hours for premed advising with Emily Loui (the former premed advisor who now works as a director for the School of Medicine!)

The Nov 2 session is only open to premed undergraduates who are planning to apply in this upcoming cycle. Future sessions will be open to freshman, sophomores and others who are taking a gap year. 

Please fill out this form ( to register for your spot for a 15 minute appointment with a UC San Diego medical student. Students will be selected on a first come, first serve basis on Nov 2 beginning at 1pm at the Medical Education and Telemedicine Building. The line will form in front of room 214. Only registered students will be allowed.

For more information, email Emily Loui at


7.     Exciting and UNUSUAL volunteer opportunities at the VA! 


We are seeking students to help our Veterans with therapeutic recreation programs.  We are seeking “teacher volunteers” for our Guitar clinic and volunteers to assist with Salsa/Adaptive Dance clinic.  This is a good opportunity to experience direct contact with patients who have diverse medical and/or psychiatric conditions, at the VA hospital in a clinical setting.  Volunteers will work with patients with PTSD, traumatic brain injury, psychomotor deficits, etc. 

Guitar volunteers should have the ability to teach beginner students, but some may be a bit more advanced.  For guitar clinic, we teach beginner students the basics of guitar through chords and strumming patterns.  The lessons are usually 1 teacher: 2 students, with supervisor oversight.  The classes are on Mondays from 4-5 and 5-6pm and volunteers should be here for both sessions if possible. 

Salsa/Adaptive dance volunteers don’t need any dancing skills or experience.  They are taught along with the patients by a professional organization.  We desperately need women to dance with our male Veterans; we change partners every 3-4 minutes so you will be exposed to numerous Veterans and disabilities.  Classes are on Wednesday from 2:30-3:30pm at the VA.

Volunteers will have to complete the VA Volunteer process before starting.  There are no “scheduled” volunteer orientations anymore.  Contact the volunteer office at 858-642-3267 and tell them you are volunteering for Recreation Therapy in the Guitar clinic and/or Salsa/Adaptive Dance Clinic.  Your supervisor will be Ellen Berman, a recreation therapist.  You will fill out paperwork, then be given a “code” to do the Volunteer orientation online.  You will be required to take a TB blood test (available at the VA) and finally will need fingerprints to clear.  The process takes a few weeks!

If you are interested, you may want to first come to the program that interests you one time to make sure you really want to do this.   Call Ellen to arrange a visit:  858-552-7410.

For the Guitar clinic, it is important that you commit to the weekly lessons as you will have Vets assigned to you!  If you need a week off (finals time), you can take off, (with advance notice) so Ellen can move your Vets to work with other instructors.  The Vets get quite attached to their instructors as you will be together for 12 wks. 

The Salsa group is quite fun as you will focus on balance, exercise and socialization more than technique, but you will develop amazing dancing skills! 


8.     A job for you?  ***Chemistry Tutor Wanted for 10th Grade High School Honors Chemistry***


Job description provided by Rachel Rigoli, a UCSD employee and the parent of the high school student you will be working with:

I am looking for a chemistry tutor to come to our house in University City.  My daughter has a good understanding of the concepts being covered in class but seems to get nervous before tests.  I'm looking for someone to review homework and classwork with her before quizzes and tests so she feels more comfortable.  I'm guessing we'd need someone once every couple of weeks or possibly once every 3 weeks.  Before the tutoring session, I would provide you with information on what she is currently studying.  Below are the desired qualifications for the tutor:

*Previous chemistry tutoring experience.

*Completion of AP Chemistry in high school.  Prefer that you excelled in the class and received an "A" and have completed at least a year of university level chemistry.

*Kind and patient.

*Good at explaining things.

*Available for an hour between the hours of 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm on Sunday - Thursday.  

*Able to get to our house in University City (off of Governor Drive and Regents Road).

Pay:  $20/hour

If you are interested, please email a resume or a list of your qualifications to Rachel at  Please be sure to include a phone number that I can reach you.   If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 858-228-0299 or email me at