HMP3 Weekly Email 10.18.15

This week’s email is truncated to include only the calendar and a few announcements, due to my family medical leave.  Hoping things will return to normal soon! 


1)     Our HMP3/HOPE Project Success tutoring sessions are expanding!  More sessions added!


Need help with your course? Cannot make it to your professor's office hour? Or need to learn a concept from a different perspective? Come and get help from Project Success Tutoring!  Our tutors have taken the exact class before and know exactly how to do well in them. 

Tutoring is held at the Raza Resource Centro (in the back of the Student Services Center building that houses Croutons)


2:00-3:00pm - Gabriel Frischer (Chem 6A, B, C) and (Chem140 A, B, C) and (BICD 100) and (Phys 1 A, B, C) 

3:00-5:00pm - Laura Bou-Malham  (Chemistry 140 A, B, C)

3:00-4:00pm – Anne Cabangcala (Chem 140A)

3:00-5:00pm - Corey Young (Phys 1 A, B, C) and( BICD100)

4:00-5:00pm - Hallen Pham (BILD 1)

4:00-5:00pm - Gabriel Frischer (Chem 6A, B, C) and (Chem140 A, B, C) and (BICD 100) and (Phys 1 A, B, C) 


12:00-3:00pm - Joseph Maroge  (Chem 6 A, B, C ) and (Chem 140A)

12:00-3:00pm - Bulouere Wodu (Chem 6A, B, C) and (Math 10 A, B, C)

12:30-2:00pm - Tyler Bakke (Chem 140A) 

1:00-3:00pm - Sidarth Ethiraj  (Chem 140A)


10:30 - 1:00pm - Shrusti Shah (BIBC102) and (Chem 143A)

11:00 - 1:00pm - Ivy Dang (Chem 6A) and (Bild 1) and (Bild 3)



1:30-4:30pm - Angela Chang (BIPN 100) and (BIPN 102)

1:30-3:30pm - Jeff Peng (Chem 6A)

1:30-3:00pm Cintya Beltran, (Chem 140A) and (BICD 100)

2:00-3:00pm - Deepika Suresh (Chem 140A)

3:00-4:00pm Estafania Larrosa (BILD 1)

3:00-4:30pm David Kneiber (Physics 1 A, B,C)

3:30-4:30pm Moses Merete (Chem 140A, B, C) and (Physics 1 A, B,C) and (BIBC 102) and (BICD 100)

3:30-4:30pm William Quach (BIBC 102)


2)    The HMP3 Review Course Scholarship application is now available!  Kaplan and the Princeton Review offer 50% scholarships for their test prep courses to HMP3 members.  Courses include:  MCAT, PCAT, DAT, OAT & GRE.  The deadline to apply is Monday, Oct. 26 at 4:30 pm.  Awards will be based primarily on need, hardship, first generation status, with some consideration given to GPA.  Good luck!



3)    Our big HMP3 Pre-Health Club Fair will happen on Monday, Nov. 9 (see SAVE THE DATE section below).  ***Note from Adele:  Is your club represented? Write to to be invited!*** You won’t want to miss this!


4)     Adele’s office hours during Week 4:  Wednesday 2:30-3:30, Thursday 2:30-4:30 (always off on Mondays). *Office location & website at the bottom of the page.



Tues. Oct. 20  The Princeton Review presents: The NEW MCAT!  5:00-6:00 pm in the Leichtag Building (first building on the medical school campus on your left after you cross Gilman Drive on Library Walk)

Free MCAT Informational Session: MCAT2015 Guide

  What’s the MCAT2015

  Detailed Overview of Content & Scoring

  Sample Questions and Q&A

  Refreshments will be served!



Tues. Oct 20  Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honor Society (AED) GBM#2,

6:30 pm in Price Center Roosevelt College Room. Our guest speaker will be an Orthodontist. This is the perfect chance to speak with a professional and to get your questions answered!

Like our Facebook page:


Wed. Oct. 21  Study Abroad EXPO,  11:00-3:00 in the Price Center Ballroom West. 

Note from Adele:  There are MANY opportunities to have health care-related experiences abroad.  Come to the EXPO to explore the possibilities! 


Wed. Oct. 21  Graduate Research Opportunities at UC San Francisco School of Medicine, 10:00 AM in the AEP Conference Room in old Student Center B, 2nd floor.  RSVP:  Flyer: Madhani.pdf




Wed. Oct. 21  University of Texas Southwestern Educational and Summer Research Programs Info Session, 4:00-5:00 pm in the AEP Conference Room (next to Adele’s office, see location in signature block below this email.)  RSVP:  Flyer: Southwestern.pdf


Wed. Oct. 21  SURO Society for Undergraduate Research & Outreach GBM#1!  5:00 - 6:30 pm in the Academic Enrichment Program Conference Room located in Student Center B across from the Mandeville coffee cart.  Make an Impression on Your Application: Writing the Personal Statement” Application season for various graduate programs is here and we are joining efforts with SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics & Native Americans in Science) to help students perfect their personal statements. Please come join us so we can help you get into your dream school! The plan is to spend about 30 minutes with a small overview of what is expected for a personal statement. The rest of the time will be focused on small groups with postdocs and grad students sitting with 1-3 students with their own personal statements for corrections and/or advice. Bring your CV/resume too!

Also learn more about what each of our organizations do and how you can get involved with our upcoming Outreach event: providing tours of UCSD labs to high school students!  SNACKS WILL BE PROVIDED!

Thurs. Oct. 22  Interactive Interview2:00 pm, in the Career Services Center Horizon Room

Thurs. Oct 22  Pre-Dental Society presents:  Dr. Diana Nguyen, Medical Emergencies in the Dentist’s Office & GBM.  Topics: Dr. Diana Nguyen completed a general practice residency program and currently works in private practice. During residency she was trained in managing medical emergencies. Learn to properly handle medical emergencies in the dental office. 

Where/When: UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy, PSB Rooms 2 & 3, 6:30pm


Fri. Oct. 23  HFIT (Health Frontiers in Tijuana) presents:  Dr. Craig Hendrix, Johns Hopkins Medical School, Careers in Medicine Talk, 4:00-5:00 pm in the Skaggs School of Pharmacy, room 1186.  See the flyer for details of his talk, and how to RSVP:  Pizza & drinks will be provided!

Sat. Oct. 24  Free Kaplan Practice MCAT @ UCSD!  Kaplan is hosting a FREE MCAT Practice Test on campus @ UCSD in Center Hall 105 on Sat, Oct 24th at 10am! At the event, you'll learn what to expect on the MCAT, plus you'll receive a detailed score report, complete explanations to every question, and strategies for improvement! A practice MCAT is the best place to start on your journey to medical school! Register now at MCAT Free Practice Test


Sun. Oct. 25  Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honor Society (AED) Hi Chi Minh Trail Hike. Come join AED for a fun and challenging hike! E-mail our Social Chair Ellin Li at for details.




Tues. Oct. 27  Tough Cases:  Faith and Futility in the ICU,  12-1 pm at the UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest, Inpatient Tower, Room 11-309 (you can take the Hillcrest shuttle there and back for free).  Open to all members of the UCSD community and interested others. Attendees may bring a brown bag lunch.

CASE:  James is a seventy-two-year-old man with end-stage dementia who was transferred from another hospital. At the time of transfer James had sepsis from two multidrug-resistant organisms, respiratory failure requiring ventilatory support, renal insufficiency, pancytopenia, and hypotension requiring vasopressors. He has severe contractures and foot drop, has a feeding tube, and has been nonverbal for several months. His son, Paul, is requesting full code and treatment focused on recovery despite James’s extremely poor prognosis.


1. What are the relevant medical facts in this case?  How do they bear on Paul’s request for full code?

 2. What do we know of James’s wishes? His values?

 3. What role does Paul’s faith play in his decisions about his father’s treatment?

 4. As James has end-stage dementia, who has the legal authority to make decisions for him? Using what standard?

 5. How should the medical team respond in the face of Paul’s request for full code?

Thurs. Oct. 29  Public Health School: Preparing and Applying3:30 pm in the Career Services Center Horizon Room

Fri. Nov 6  Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honor Society (AED) Karaoke.

Come join AED to sing your heart out in karaoke! E-mail our Social Chair Ellin Li at for details.


Mon. Nov. 9  HMP3 Pre-Health Club Fair, 5:00-7:30 pm in Price Center Ballroom East.  All the pre-health clubs at UCSD will be there! This is going to be like a REAL FAIR, with a PHOTO BOOTH! GAMES! DOOR PRIZES! FOOD! Everything is FREE!!  You can even get advising at the fair—so come with your questions!  Note from Adele:  ***Is your club participating?? Contact for an invitation to register your pre-health org. Get a free table, a chance to win a cash prize for your org and recruit new members from hundreds of UCSD students!!!***

Thurs. Nov. 12  Emeriti Discussion Program  The first in a series of discussions with prestigious emeriti professors will be held from 4:00 - 5:00 pm in the auditorium of the Natural Sciences Building on the Revelle campus. The main speaker will be Prof. Emeritus Henry Powell, M.D., D.Sc.,who will be interviewed by Prof. Emeritus Mel Green, Ph.D. The discussion will focus on achieving a successful career in Medicineand student participation will be encouraged. The series is being hosted by the Academic Enrichment Programs and is open to all undergraduates.



1.  UC Irvine has a new post-bac for career changers!  Rolling admissions began on October 15.  Their career changer certificate program is a fulltime, two-year program. Students in this program are guaranteed enrollment in all of their courses, resulting in an academic-centered, hassle-free experience. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis starting October 15, 2015.

2.  Registration for the 2016 MCAT will open on October 21, 2015—for the January – May testing dates!

Registering for the MCAT exam is easy, but remember there are things you can do in advance to make sure you are prepared and ready to register on opening day.

         Read your MCAT Essentials! The official policy and procedure document for the exam, the MCAT Essentials outlines important information about registration, test-day policies, scoring details, and more. Reading this before you register and take your exam will help you feel more prepared. Plus it is required reading!

         Create your AAMC ID now to speed your registration process. If you've signed into the AAMC website in the past, such as to purchase an MCAT product, you already have an AAMC ID. If not, take a moment now to set-up a user name and password with the AAMC, which will generate an ID number for you. Simply go onto the MCAT Scheduling and Registration System and follow the link to create an AAMC ID. If you already have an AAMC ID, login to make sure you remember your password. If you have forgotten it, reset your password now. As a reminder, the Scheduling and Registration System is currently in maintenance mode, so you won't be able to access the system before October 21.

         Have your government-issued ID ready. Keep your ID (such as a Driver's License or Passport) that you plan to bring with you on test day in front of you as you register. This is so that you can enter your name (first and last name) into the registration system EXACTLY as it appears on your ID. Also, be sure to make sure that your ID is valid for test day!

         Print a copy of the schedule of dates. While we hope that everyone can test on their preferred exam date, there are dates that are sometimes more popular than others. Be sure to have alternative dates in mind that would also work for you in the event that your first choice is unavailable.

         Have your Visa or MasterCard at the ready. Once you have selected your preferred test date and location, be sure you are ready to pay the registration fee when prompted. Your seat is not confirmed until your payment is submitted!

The AAMC will announce when registration is officially opened on October 21. Please note, registration will not open at midnight Eastern Standard Time! Be sure to follow @AAMC_MCAT on Twitter for updates, announcements, and information.


***HOPE stands for Healthcare Opportunities Preparation & Empowerment, and is intended to help underrepresented minority and/or first-generation, and/or financially disadvantaged students.  It is also open to any student who is dedicated to providing health care for the underserved***

1.  Full scholarships to nursing school at Emory University in Atlanta!  Planning to study nursing, either at the bachelor’s or master’s level?  Check out their link at

These full scholarships are available to academically exceptional traditional minority students who exhibit strong leadership traits and demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility.  Applicants become eligible simply by meeting the qualifications and applying to an Emory University nursing program.  Contact with any questions or to ask for an application fee waiver.


That’s it for the HMP3 Weekly Email for Week 4.  Good luck on your midterms!   ~Adele

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