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Did you get into health professional school for next year?

Did you get into health professional school for next year?

Please write back to Adele (asavage@ucsd.edu) and tell her where you are going - She would love to know!

Health Beat Newsletter!

No more weekly emails!

So sorry! I fatally crashed the old system from overuse and it cannot be used again! Here’s what will happen from now on:

  • · We will create a Health Beat listserv to take its place. More about that to come.
  • · You will need to check the Health Beat Events Calendar from now on to access details about upcoming HMP3, Health Beat and other student org events.
  • · We will send out a mechanism shortly for getting your own student org events added to the calendar.
  • · I will be sending out timely announcements through the new listserv that will highlight Health Beat and HMP3 events, as well as provide the helpful information that has made the HMP3 Weekly Email so popular over the years.

    Find the emails here!


  • ***PLEASE NOTE: Some events do not have the exact meeting time and location on the calendar. Please check the "What's New" section or the Health Beat Newsletters for the exact time and location in case that happens.

    Mission Statement - Welcome to HMP3! You will find the latest information about our meetings, health beat newsletters, board members, and more through our website. The Health and Medical Professions Preparation Program (HMP3) at UCSD serves to deliver meaningful community service experience, personal development, access to standardized test preparation, mentoring, career insight, and unique philanthropic endeavors for the benefit of the greater UCSD community.

    We provide undergraduates with enriching experiences and opportunities that will enhance their preparation for admission into a professional school in the medical and other health professions. We guide members to helpful resources on-campus. Through collaborations with the UCSD School of Medicine, faculty, community health care providers and others, HMP3 exposes members to a variety of health professions, and the experiences obtained enable students to expand their minds and increase their qualifications for entry into their health professions of interest.

    HMP3 annually hosts the MEDS Conference. This day long conference provides Pre-Medical and Pre-Pharmacy students the opportunity to interact with students and teachers from their respective professional schools and learn what to expect in the future:

    Many resources and opportunities are available to prepare for a variety of health professions, but where do you look for them?

    Weekly Emails from Health Beat and HMP3, provide information on:

  • Graduate school programs

  • General Body Meetings of various health professions on campus

  • Seminars on health topics

  • Mentor and shadowing opportunities

  • Volunteer, international, and research opportunities

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